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What would you do with an employee who questioned or challenged why you got the position of a Supervisor and not them?

2 Answers

Ensure staff does not feel left out of loop and give them clear guidance on what they need to do to reach level that they aspire to. Also, Mgnt's decision to hire someone externally is indicator that there are new and fresh skillsets they want or see in someone else.

Remind them the competition was fair and that you both worked hard for it. You really need his support because the team will only succeed if everyone works together. If he wants to question the results of the selection process, be more than happy to help him get his/her answers.

What is the difference between SWAP and Future options?

1 Answer

What are your weaknesses?

1 Answer

2nd round: how would you describe your personality, and how would your peers describe your personality?

1 Answer

1st round: explain a time that you had to think on your feet/improvise, and what was the result?

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They asked about excel how to make a macro or pivot table.

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Have you had a difficult situation in dealing with teammate before?

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Can't remember, but the fact he asked it 3 times, stressing my negative answer like he didn't hear me the 1st and 2nd time. Maybe they just want to see your reaction and how you cope with stress.

1 Answer

Was I willing to work weekends and OT!

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In addition to standard questions, there is a case analysis and excel test

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