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Whay are you applying here? You seem competant

1 Answer

Yes, I am

please estimate the cigarette in eu in 2010. please use any assumptions if needed

1 Answer

Why don't we have to use Arc Server?

1 Answer

What skill set do you bring to the table....etc.

1 Answer

Walk me through your resume. What is analytical job? What do you want to do? What is index? How do you rate your communication skills? from 0 to 10.

How do you like Excel?

1 Answer

- please tell me a time when you managed a difficult thing in a group setting - Black & Scholes assumptions and inputs - CIBC Market Risk Metrics: - CIBC Capital Market Products - what is your career plan in this department

What can you tell me about our company?

1 Answer

General questions like name 3 of your weakness and strength.

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