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What is the angle between the hour- and minute-hand when a clock strikes 3:15?

3 Answers

7.5 degrees

45 degrees

0 Degrees ahah

Why Scotiabank?

2 Answers

What is an ETF? What is a hedge? How would you hedge an ETF? How do you know how much to hedge?

1 Answer

They asked about my skill sets with different computer software.

1 Answer

Give me a time when you faced adversity and how you learned from such an experience

1 Answer

They were looking to validate my skills but equally also looking to see if I would be a fit into the culture and the company

1 Answer

Questions are straight forward of the historical background of the applicant.

1 Answer

Do you know the history of trader.

1 Answer

What are your predictions on interest rate movements and why

1 Answer

Here's some big data; try to privde some insights for us!

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