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Reverse a singly linked-list with and without using an auxiliary data structure.

2 Answers

public void Reverse() { Link cur = head; Link prev = null; Link temp = null; while (cur != null) { temp =; = prev; prev = cur; cur = temp; } tail = head; head = prev; }

Public void reverse() { Node prevNode = null; Node focusNode = head; Node nextNode =; while (nextNode != null) { = prevNode; prevNode = focusNode; focusNode = nextNode; nextNode =; } = prevNode; head = focusNode;

Finding a path in a maze which is represented by a grid of characters.

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you have 9 marbles, all of them identical except one of them is slightly heavier than the rest. in order to determine which is the heaviest, you have a balancing scale, however you are only allowed to use it twice. how do you determine the heaviest marble?

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In a collection of strings, output the string that occurs most often.

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The questions in the first round were fairly straightforward if you use data structures like trees and linked lists for your work regularly. If you're working in areas where you don't use those data structures regularly, you may find the problems challenging. The question I was asked was "Given a sorted linked list, create a binary tree with the array with minimum height." Note that the question specified only binary tree and not binary search tree.

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Reverse a string in a matrix in place. you are given the direction and length of the string.

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NDA, sorry.

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Given a set of number ranges, i.e. [1,5], [3,6], [7,9], write a program to merge overlapping number ranges. In the above example, the result should be [1,6], [7,9].

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C++ whiteboard debugging question

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A realistic C++ question that was to be coded in an online IDE

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