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Do you have a problem with overtime?

2 Answers

The underlying question was "will you work extra hours for free?"

Do you have a problem with paying for overtime?

How does a website obtain its DNS?

1 Answer

Given an list with multiple directions ("N", "S", "E" and "W"), each direction would take 1 minute to complete. Return if the directions list can return to the same start location in 10 minutes.

1 Answer

I was given a picture and some description such as create a search bar that allows to search through disposal waste in city Toronto.

1 Answer

Tell me about the new features in PHP 5.3

1 Answer

48 hours to build a web app using Django/jQuery that scans for data files in a folder and builds a sortable table viewed from browser. Table should update in real time as new files are added.

1 Answer

A coding test was to implement a one-page mobile app that showed information from a REST API in React. All the information was given in an URL that contained the requirements, screens, icons and the REST links. After that, a short technical interview was on a few general technical, formal and informal behavioral questions.

1 Answer

What kind of experience do you have? Are you okay working with ASP.Net?

1 Answer

Tell us how you plan to make friends at work?

1 Answer

Interview questions ranged from information about myself, to my experience, to some technical questions relating to the job I was applying for.

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