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You begin working on a case with a client in an industry that your boss is an expert in. You have a meeting coming up tomorrow with the client but your boss drops out last minute due to an emergency. You know next to nothing about the industry or the case. What do you do?

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It is too late notice to reschedule the meeting. I would learn as much as I could about the industry and the case in the time available. I would enter the meeting presenting him/her with what I have come up with and be confident in my recommendations to reassure the client. It would be disrespectful to the client to show up to the meeting with nothing despite the circumstances.

How long did it take you to hear back?

They took around 3 days to respond after 1st round, and about 2 weeks to respond after final round.

Can't remember much but basically if I had customer service experience and if I knew how to handle customers.

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Years of experience, previous work place

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Please give me an example of two of your weaknesses.

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Describe your experience working in a team. Did you encourage everybody to work together or decide to take matters into your own hands?

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Tell me about yourself

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How would you assist someone who is hearing-impaired ?

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Why do you want to work at Horizon CPA?

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Why do you want to work for the City of Mississauga?

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No specific questions. More about attitude toward customer service. Show strong neatness and passion for movie is important.

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