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In what ways a first-person shooter differ from a turn-based game or an RPG in terms of network requirements?

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This is a broad question and the intention is to probe your understanding of game networking problems. You should mention transport latency requirements, action replication vs state replication, authoritative servers and techniques to counter perceived latency such as client prediction, dead reckoning, etc...

In C++ consider a class A with a default ctor. If you allocate an array of A using the new[] operator and an arbitrary element in the middle of the array throws an exception what happens?

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It was technical questions related to the role and was very fair and accepted

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What is your background and experience?

technical questions and simple questions like cablings and CCNA questions and general questions about previous job experiences

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BGP, OSPF and etc.

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Technical question on subnetting and network masks

What are some projects you've worked on or are currently working on?

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