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Tell us what you do at your current job.

1 Answer

Said exactly what my job does. Turns out it was exactly what they were looking for.

What are the 3 states for tri-state buffer

1 Answer

1. question obout low power design, start from easy question and after it was answerd the more complex details were added. 2. build FSM divider by 5, start from simple solution and after that more complex constraints and limitations were added

1 Answer

A block diagram was given at the end with CAN Bus and a bunch of other blocks. How would you test this system?

1 Answer

Describe I2C hardware. How does a master communicate with multiple slave devices on the same data line?

1 Answer

Just really detailed questions on the hardware of Macs.

1 Answer

What does this circuit do? (Composed of a switch, diode, inductor and resistor) Where does the current go when the switch is opened?

Circuit design, where do you place the capacitor in this specific circuit, how to convert from hex to binary ...

Name one technical challenge that you encountered and the steps taken to overcome it. In detail!

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