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The first round: 1.Tell me about yourself. 2.Why bell? 3. Describe a project you did. How did you succeed? The final round: depends on the hiring team. There are two parts: 1. technical questions: There are 3 technical questions. 1. swap variable 2. debug 3. write a function 2.behavioral questions: There are 4 questions. I only remember one. 1. How did you convince others when stakeholders didn't agree with you? (not 100% accurate, but similar)

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Techincal: 1. simple question. 2. It's a programming language I'm not familiar with. 3. The general algorithm is loop + if statements Behavioral: I talked about my past experience

I did the video interview but haven’t gotten a phone call from bell. But it shows “Technology Operations” as the status for my application. Does that mean I’ve been selected?

I am on a same boat. In mid Sept. the status was changed from 'In progress' to 'Technology Operations' and I am still waiting for their response till now.

What are you passionate about outside of school? Tell me about yourself?

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How many bits in the MPLS header? How did you implement different types of multicast networks?

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1. Describe a firewall. 2. What do you know about us? The interview was very very informal. It was their actions after their interview that pissed me off.

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1. Was given a scenario and was asked as to why the webpage of server wouldn’t open how I would I troubleshoot from outside the company and from within the company? What could be network issues? It was open ended discussion (Answers: Ping the gateways/check the traceroute) 2. Describe BGP and various concepts in BGP like EBGP multi-hop feature? 3. Stateless v Stateful firewall? 4. Some really advanced questions on TCP? 5. When would you use Type E1/E2 while redistributing OSPF and why? LSA types?? 6. What is Path manipulation in BGP and how do you manipulate routes in real time 7. Remote Access VPN questions 8. What are the reasons for BGP to be stuck in Active state? How would you troubleshoot the issue? 9. What is route-map and where did you implement in real time. I did okay on the interview. I think in the hindsight If I could have done something well, it would have been fact that I should have given my response enthusiastically and be more energetic during the interview. I kind of had bad week during the week of interview, by the time of interview I was mentally exhausted, I felt like I was not able to give my best and I think that and few other minor mistakes cost me the interview. Ultimately, they never responded again over the email. I checked online status on the same weekend, which showed a message that I was not among the finalists for that particular role.

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They asked me about network architect and what would be a generic network design.

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Difference between ibgp vs ebgp

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describe some complict

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regular, ability to discuss, nothing special, 10-15 discussion

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Are you team player?

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