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What is keychain used in Mac OS?

1 Answer

Keychain is an app in Mac OS X that stores passwords for the user.

Tell me about a time.....

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Linux questions: you try to delete a file and get "access denied", what do you do? what are some important directories in a fresh new linux installation? what is each one for? you just downloaded a file such as a script, what will you have to do to run it? how do you find out the hostname of the system you're on? how do you reboot a linux system right now? what determines how many inodes you have on a linux system? what is the difference between load average and cpu usage?

How does OSI map to TCP/IP layer? What is BGP and CDP? Some ports and their usage. Linux command - grep difference between sudo and su in linux how to reboot a linux box? How to check the load of a linux box? What is a shadow copy? What is a host file? What is the mechanism to assign static IP address in windows? Tell about SCCM. How do you rate your skills for Linux, Windows and Networking out of 10? Tell about a situation where you went above and beyond for a customer and why did you do it?

Windows & AD questions: what is active directory? what are some powershell commands to get info about: disks, partitions, printers? / describe how youd do this in windows what are cached credentials? how do you do a dns lookup on windows CLI? what disk encryption options do we have in windows? whats it mean to get a temporary profile in windows and why might it happen? what determines the order that GPOs are applied? what's in the SYSVOL directory? what's SCCM used for?

Networking questions: what is STP? what's a root bridge, how's it elected? name some protocols and their ports what is DHCP and how does it work? what's the OSI model and its layers? TCP-IP model? Differences? what are some interior gateway protocols? how does a distance vector routing protocol work?

How do you resolved disagreement in the workplace.

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