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How to choose emotions in like/dislike systems and any problems in the A/B test.

4 Answers

Show a bunch of customers happy, sad, controversial messages for a week or so in their newsfeed along with all other news feeds and see whether any relation between their like or dislike with the other activities of the same customers. Will this tell us anything?

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2) What is generally considered a trade-off in machine learning?

2 Answers

Consider the following bit string 11?100 you need to write a method which can replace this question mark with 1 & 0 Output should be: 110100 , 111100 This should be implemented for N number of question mark each time replaced with 1 and then with 0

2 Answers

Basic stats and data science familiarity questions. Some stats paradoxes were asked about.

1 Answer

How much are you familiar with tensorflow?

1 Answer

Why do you want to go back to working for someone else (having run my own consulting company for 10+ years)

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NLP challenge about finding semantic similarity of some 121 tweeter tags.

1 Answer

Consider a time series chart with a lot of ups and downs. How would you identify the peak points?

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Introduce urself

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Pretty basic SQL and Python questions

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