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They want to know about my professional and personal experience

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Told the true

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

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1. What will you do if we give you $10K and ask you to forget animation and do something else? 2. What would you do if we don't pay you for next one year?

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do you like mocap or animation better?

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What do you think you are stronger at in regards to Animation: Acting or Action?

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Why do you think you are better candidate than the others

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Do you prefer gameplay or cutscene animation? What are you best at?

Which character archetype did you find the most interesting in your favorite animated feature?

Normal basic behavioral questions like tell us about yourself. They are interested in people who have graphics experience. Experience with Python and MEL would be really good.

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previous relevant experience? Community involvement? and your willingness to get involved.

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