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Why are you interested in working in Television.

5 Answers

Opportunity to be more creative.

Es una oportunidad de exteriorizar o presentar la creatividad del artista

Es un medio de rápida difusión a nivel mundial

where did I go to school

3 Answers

Why do you think you are better candidate than the others

1 Answer

What do you like about animation, in what are you stronger, which software do you control and to what extent

1 Answer

What kind of characters dø you like animating the most

1 Answer

how soon are you available to work?

1 Answer

What were you responsible for in this shot?

1 Answer

The question where mainly about my professional experience and what creature I have animated.Did they relate to up coming projects. The interview was mainly spent discussing my Reel.

1 Answer

do you like mocap or animation better?

1 Answer

what was ur projects and work experience

1 Answer
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