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What is my approach towards leadership of a team of undergraduate students?

1 Answer

Told them my approach is casual, welcoming and usually accommodating of their ideas. I try to understand what they want to improve on and help them during my tenure there to achieve their goals.

How well versed are you in VR technology?

1 Answer

To do a creative test

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Imagine that you’re a designer on the mobile game team and you’re tasked with designing the UI for a new chance based mini-game

1 Answer

Choose your favorite 3 free-to-play games from among the top 50 games on the iOS Top Grossing chart: 3 Highs Describe 3 great things about the game design. 3 Lows Describe 3 things that could be improved about the game design.

1 Answer

They asked if I was good at speaking and making presentations in front of clientele.

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Design a game mechanic combining 2 different genres/games

Which of our games have you played? What did like and not like about them?

(After bragging about their games making multi-million dollars per month) Have you shipped any games that make over 30 million dollars a month?

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