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Daybreak Game Company
Character Artist was asked...May 16, 2019

Was asked to name the alter egos of 3 of the Flash family members.

1 Answers

Barry Allen, Wally West, Bart Allen

IUGO Mobile Entertainment

Q: How is your immigration situation in BC?

1 Answers

As a recently graduated student I was still under a student permit and could start working unless given an LMIA. Less

Ten Square Games

Are you comfortable in receiving feedback?

1 Answers

Of course. Is part of the job. ( very stock, silly question to ask for a Senior Position ) Less

They will give you a personal information form.

1 Answers

Just fill it out.

Animax Designs

Would you be willing to do an art test?

1 Answers


Electronic Arts

general portfolio review, basic where do you see yourself, strengths & weakness, future interest etc

1 Answers

went over background and showcased passed work, talked about project and interest in departments- how to aid success in department Less


If you have to choose again, would you choose a different position, what job would you most likely to take?

1 Answers

No, Technical Artist defines who I am.

Warner Bros.

Software Proficiencies. Character Creation Process. Very few, which signaled little interest to me.

1 Answers

Explained my process and my software proficiencies and how I felt my experience related to their pipeline. Less

Future Games of London

Questions asked where about software that I was familiar with. They didn't ask many further pertinent questions other than the usual ones such as salary expectations and so on, which felt odd. Other than this all seemed very lacklustre, which was somewhat confusing, giving me the distinct impression they had made their minds up already - but at the same time being very complimentary about my portfolio. One of the most odd, unsettling and confusing interviews I've attended.

1 Answers

I attended the interview in smart casual dress and responded to all questions in a very polite and respectful manner. Less

Animax Designs

Does this sound like something you would be willing to do?

1 Answers

Yeah, sounds good.

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