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3D Modeler was asked...November 28, 2016

We only use Cinema 4D, are you willing to learn and use cinema 4D

2 Answers


yes i am willing to learn cinema 4D. i have alredy started working with cinema 4D . u can hier me . Less

what position do you want to work for us?

1 Answers

how long do you use computer software?

what kind of software are you using or be able to use?

1 Answers

what kind of experience do you expect and what do you want to learn or to get from us? Less

Alpha Vision

Do you have a car? If you say NO they will pay you 25 cents less per hr.

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'What is your weak point as an animator?' It always feels like they're asking for reasons to turn you down but I've learned to remember that one thing I've struggled on but -have- taken steps to improve, this way if you must expose a weakness make it known its being strengthened. (Do NOT lie as they will remember this point and test your progress)

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Learning to map the textures on models that are very organic or complex in shape and the tutorials learning the different UV mapping methods Less

Steamroller Studios

Do you prefer working on realistic or stylized artwork?

1 Answers

That's hard to answer, because I don't really have a preference. However, I don't like non-answers, so I'll say realistic, because I have a lot more reference, and resources, and for example with a human, I have a specific goal, and know exactly what I'm trying to achieve. Still, I love both stylized and realistic. Less

Guru Studio

They asked me some questions about my portfolio pieces and how i approached them

1 Answers

It was a good interview overall, they didnt asked me anything i didnt know about and they were pretty satisfied. Less

Kathputlee Animation Studios

They only wanted to see the softwares skills and sent a test for the same, to be submitted when ready.

1 Answers

Identify the issues. Be clear about what the problem is. ...


how long you been working in the field?

1 Answers

be in the field means i got be evolving and get updates from the 3d software's

Animax Designs

Would you be willing to do an art test?

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