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Java Architect was asked...January 31, 2023

General scenario based Java questions and questions related to microservices, design pattern, agile, CI CD piple line and current project architecture.


Without a question, they chose my resume for consideration and invited me to an interview for a technical discussion. Because of the negative corporate culture, I had to turn down the job offer.

Cognizant Technology Solutions

They ask questions that only non-experienced professionals would do. Like they'd expect your answers to come from some books. Pathetic.

1 Answers

I made the interview session unbearable and uncomfortable for them.

Wissen Infotech
Java Architect was asked...September 14, 2022

1. Can we use customized object as key in hashmap 2. WAP to remove adjacent similar characters from String. 3. WAP to split a string in chunks of size 3


Tell me the most complicated SQL query you have done.


Tell me the most complicated java code you handled.


What will happen if we add final key work in java Map data?


Detailed review of the solution


How will you design the payment system? What tech stack you will use in that? How will you design the distributed cache? Write the code to convert the given number into format as shown- 100 => 100 1000 => 1,000 10000 => 10,000 100000 => 1,00,000

5 Answers

You can prepare for such theoretical questions, as these people are also not that much smart & most times will be fooling around. Less

It your choice about how to use your time, either by giving interview here or do something useful Less

Right and also don't be surprised if some 4-5 years experienced person comes to take your Interview for Architect or Team Leader. Less

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No interview happened due to no show by its panel.

1 Answers

Agree...such people just waste the time & morale of candidates.

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