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Java Architect was asked...June 15, 2022

How will you design the payment system? What tech stack you will use in that? How will you design the distributed cache? Write the code to convert the given number into format as shown- 100 => 100 1000 => 1,000 10000 => 10,000 100000 => 1,00,000

5 Answers

You can prepare for such theoretical questions, as these people are also not that much smart & most times will be fooling around. Less

It your choice about how to use your time, either by giving interview here or do something useful Less

Right and also don't be surprised if some 4-5 years experienced person comes to take your Interview for Architect or Team Leader. Less

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Are you Okay to work as Sr. Consultant for six months and then we'll think for providing position you applied for

2 Answers

I too experince the same, the person who took the interview is asking Himalayan blender questions I am ROFL Less

Really a weird question, when you have requested applicants for a particular position why are you not giving the same. If interviewers not good enough to identify good eligible candidates then who gave them rights to spoil someone's career Less


How can you fetch 1Cr rows from a database table using JDBC?

2 Answers

What is a partition in Kafka?

I am pretty much sure that this interviewer wouldn't have fetched more than 1000 rows in whole career, just asking based on some article over internet. Less


How to execute 3rd thread after completion of first two threads?

2 Answers

Using join methods which will create order!

No idea

Aurea Software

Design and implement a java application to solve a given problem

1 Answers

Upload a ZIP file with the solution architecture, the application source code and the deployment process Less


SQL request to write to collect specific data

1 Answers

Use Inner join with custom request and Coalesce stuff


Iterate map using java8 streams

1 Answers

mapObj.entrySet().stream().map(entry->entry.value).map(value->{processing logic}); Less


web pp for Maruti Show room to check search for customer base and their related purchase ( High Level not in depth ) mostly looking for Angular and RESTFull integeration. 1. Performance issue in loading and searching 2. auto suggest 3. how to referesh autosuggest

1 Answers

Asked meto explain on Board tech Stack Angular -- REST - Database 1. perofrmance can be tunned at indexing database, Cache some info at Angular level for sorting 2. Auto suggest Angular to make calls based on the Keying and RESTfull restrict the return payload to 10 or 15 3. Req was after every 5 sec the autosuggest data should change automatically if user does not key in further. Trick here is counter needs to start after the Data is reached angular not when request is sent and REST may consume some time to fetch Less


Had to create a Tree traversal with given classes and interfaces. It's not the usual tree we know of. The code had some interfaces and classes, and I had to implement some parts in order to run in specific travers order.

1 Answers

hint: if left, add to list, otherwise traverse recursively to other siblings. Create a new Function Less


Common ancestor of some kind of graph.

1 Answers

hint: BFS

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