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15 minute technical written test around various computing technologies. How would you prioritize your work load? How do you keep up with technology? Why do you think we should hire you?

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Can anyone share there insight on their test at ehealth ontario? I have one coming up in few days. All they mentioned was that 'this is a written technical test where you are presented with diagrams and scenarios to respond to."

Sure. I have no idea what department you're interviewing for but just keep in mind my department was basically technical IT. I was given 15 minutes alone to answer a multiple choice test regarding IT networking technology, architecture, Linux etc. The in-person interview that followed was basically just standard HR questions. They asked things like "How would you handle situations under pressure?", "What do you do in your spare time?", "How do you react when given *this* work situation?"

Thank you. I am interviewing for a Business Analyst posiiton and wondered what kind of diagrams they were referring to. I am guessing the scenarios part would be the HR behavioral questions. Are you a eHealth employee?

How would you manage an issue that you have never come across before?

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basic SQL questions

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What is the difference between Access Request and Incident

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What is your skill level in Websphere in a scale of 1-10

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There is a large communication disconnect between Montreal and Calgary, are you OK with that?

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Are you married? Do you have kids? How late can you work.

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experiences, perspective

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What High School did you graduate from?

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What's your strongest skills?

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