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All the questions were generic and quickly were found to be scripted.

4 Answers

I answered it to the best of my abilities and then the "interviewer" asked me to create a hotmail account as if this is something highly technical... Yes you heard right, the interviewer "Tested my technical abilities" by having me create a free hotmail account that anyones grandmother can do....

We thank you for your feedback. We are regularly reviewing our application process and looking for improvements. In response to your comment about creating a hotmail account, the purpose of that question was NOT to test your technical skills at all. I can't get into the purpose of the question, but we were looking for something else there.

For consistency and objectivity, we do have an interview script that we follow. That way, all applicants are on the same playing field and compared fairly.

What about other people frustrates you the most?

2 Answers

Describe an incident when you lost your temper or engaged in an argument with peers or superiors.

1 Answer

Mention 3 HTTP methods

1 Answer

What are the three statements in an SQL Select statement?

1 Answer

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

1 Answer

How do you handle multitasking

1 Answer

My best work is done by myself or in a group environment?

1 Answer

Asked me how to measure the volume of a room in m^3 using 1000 balls of various sizes, without knowing what the sizes were, but knew that the average volume of the balls was 10cm^3 and that all 1000 would fit in the room... very random question...

1 Answer

How long will you stay with us? Can you make a long term commitment to the role?

1 Answer
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