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You have 20 balls all equal in size. They all weigh the same except for one. How do you identify the one that weighs less or more?

4 Answers

• Break the balls into the following groups: (1, 2, 3), (4, 5, 6), (7, 8) • Step 1. Weigh (1, 2, 3) against (4, 5, 6) Two possible outcomes: The two groups are equally heavy. (Case A) One of these groups is heavier than the other. (Case B) • Case A >> Weigh 7 against 8. Now you have identified the heavier ball in 2 weighing. • Case B >> Take the heavier group (assume it to be (1, 2, 3)), take any two balls and weigh them against each other. Either one of these is heavier else the third ball is.

The above answers is for 8 balls.

The above answer doesn't work. The unique ball can weigh less or more than the other balls. You assumed the unique ball is the heavier one.

There's three bags of marbles. One back contains black, one contains white and one contains black AND white. Each bag is labelled INCORRECTLY. You are to label the bags correctly by only drawing one marble from one bag. Which bag do you draw from? a) bag labelled 'white' b) bag labelled 'black' c) bag labelled 'white and black' d) none of the above

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I didn't find them hard: write a search string routine to search an entry within a sorted list. implement your own strcmp subroutine which ignores trailing white spaces.

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what is the difference between union and union all

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What would the count for the list of it. public class Test { string Data; int Id; public Test(int id, string data) { Data = data; Id = id; } } static void Main(string[] args) { List list = new List(); list.Add(new Test(10, "test")); var d = new Test(10, "test"); if (!list.Contains(d)) list.Add(d); Console.WriteLine("Count of the list is : " + list.Count); Console.ReadLine(); } } What to do to make count 1?

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What is inheritance?

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How would you design a calculator for a blind person

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IQ Test with 15 minute timer. Ha.

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What will you bring to the table that no one else can bring?

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client based question

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