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What was your last position?

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Customer care service

Customer service

Experience in customer service and any proven sales backgroud

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Tell me about yourself Outside of work, do you have any hobbies/talents/other interests? What do you know about our company and out services? What was a day in a life of your last job like? What surprised you about your last job? Who is your business mogul and why? What is one weakness you have (don't say being a perfectionist)? What make you different from all the other candidates? List 3 words that would best describe you? What do you look for in a manager and co-workers? What would you do if you saw a co-worker was doing something wrong and how would you handle the situation? How would you handle a situation where you have to finish a report and submit it knowing it wasn't your best work? How would you handle a situation where you were working on a project and your co-worker takes all the credit for what you did? How would you handle a situation where a client wanted you to do something for them that was against out policy; what would you tell them and what would you tell your manager? Do you have any questions for me?

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"do you have citizenship or permanent residence?"

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Why should I NOT hire you ?

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Describe the best customer service experience that you have ever had?

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are you willing to do volunteer work.

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Try to recollect a past "best" customer service moment you had in your previous job?

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Tell me what do you know about TD bank,describe you current duties during the day,what is a customer service means to you,what salary do you expect,what is you availability,where are you living and what area is suitable for you,how many languages do you know,how do you cope with stress.

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Q: how to deal with upset customer?

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