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Tell me one time when you dealt with difficulty with customers

7 Answers

Hi I had my face to face interview in Oct. and waiting for the result too. May I ask when the training will be taking place? thanks!

Congratulations!How long did it take to get the offer? When did you have face to face interview?

I actually had my f2f last week ; I got my offer today so it took a week or so. My training will conduct on December and they told me they would send me more info on my email. I’m still waiting for that thanks.

Can upgrade the sales

5 Answers

Why would it be good working with you.

5 Answers

What is the most useful metric from the Financial Statements for lenders?

5 Answers

"What do you think your best friend would say are your 3 best and worst qualities?"

4 Answers

What does the law of averages mean to you?

4 Answers

Have you ever been asked to leave a position?

3 Answers

State a situation when you had to share a bad news.

3 Answers

What do you think we could have done to improve this interview process?

3 Answers

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Why should I hire you over someone who is already experienced

2 Answers
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