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basically asking if i am comfortable with sales target, high volume of customers since the location is busy most of the time, and how do i feel working with upset clients (if any)

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comfy them first, understand their situation, provide alternate solutions to make the customer be satisfied.

Listen without talk over the customer. Acknowledge their feeling. Paraphrase to clarify and to diagnose properly where the issues are. Active listening. Probe questions that allow me to understand the root of the issue and what is the customer expecting the solution to be, and try to answer and assist them to our best knowledge.

how do you feel ATM can do more than a teller?

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What is a good Customer service

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Why are you suitable for this job.

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What is compliance

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Describe a time when you've had conflict with a customer or client and how did you deal with it?

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Describe how you overcame an angry customer at your last job.

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why choose HSBC

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