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You have 20 balls all equal in size. They all weigh the same except for one. How do you identify the one that weighs less or more?

4 Answers

• Break the balls into the following groups: (1, 2, 3), (4, 5, 6), (7, 8) • Step 1. Weigh (1, 2, 3) against (4, 5, 6) Two possible outcomes: The two groups are equally heavy. (Case A) One of these groups is heavier than the other. (Case B) • Case A >> Weigh 7 against 8. Now you have identified the heavier ball in 2 weighing. • Case B >> Take the heavier group (assume it to be (1, 2, 3)), take any two balls and weigh them against each other. Either one of these is heavier else the third ball is.

The above answers is for 8 balls.

The above answer doesn't work. The unique ball can weigh less or more than the other balls. You assumed the unique ball is the heavier one.

All the questions were generic and quickly were found to be scripted.

4 Answers

The questions asked were in regards to the position and as to my experience and qualifications. They were very happy with my answers and wanted me to meet another individual who also interview me and ask me the same questions. Which were again answered with satisfaction by the interviewer.

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What about other people frustrates you the most?

2 Answers

What does SOAP and WSDL stand for? What is it used for?

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How do you find out about technologies you aren't familiar with?

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client based question

2 Answers

Telephone Interview: Linux How do you change a user’s password? How do you add a user? IIS Do you know what a virtual directory is? How do you change or restore permissions if you get a "permission denied" error? There was a question about GPO and Active directory.

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How would you describe active directory to a non tech person?

1 Answer

Though I was told that there will be 3 technical people in the panel, almost all the question were behavioral. There were a couple easy technical question as well (disclaimer: the term "easy" and "difficult" is relevant, one easy or difficult for me may be exactly opposite for you) .

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