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Why are pot hole covers round and not square?

10 Answers

Was not sure of answer, but it is so that they dont fall in the hole

Tubes and pipes are cylindrical and easier to fit down a circular hole.

Because pot holes are round

What is the difference between a risk and an issue?

3 Answers

Do you write poetry? (this was for a QA position)

3 Answers

We treat the interviewing process like "dating" You get to meet each other and see if there is any chemistry. Don't you agree with this?

2 Answers

What are the criteria you use to measure project success?

2 Answers

What would you do if you are in a restarurant that did not serve company product?

2 Answers

You are given two rope of equal length and a lighter. If you light a rope at one end, it takes an hour for it to completely burn, but it does not burn at a constant rate. For example, the first quarter of the rope might take 50 mins to burn and the remaining three quarters might only take 10 mins. Using this knowledge, how would you figure out when 45 mins have passed.

2 Answers

What would you to accomplish 30 contacts a day?

1 Answer

Personal projection for fdi growth

1 Answer

- Why should we hire you?

1 Answer
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