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Can you tell me of a time you disagreed with your manager ?

1 Answer

I always get along with my management teams. I manage this through understanding the expectations right from the start and constant communication.

Where do yo see in 5 years?

1 Answer

Behavioral/ situation questions.

1 Answer

Explain to us an imaginary situation where you have an employee unwilling to follow your instructions, what would your actions be?

1 Answer

I was asked what I would do to make an immediate positive impact upon the hiring processes at the company. The challenge for me was that I had never worked as a recruiter in Canada before, nor did I have any idea what the current recruiting practices for the company were.

1 Answer

Past experience as a recruiter, went over resume.

1 Answer

There were not much difficult questions, they were more management oriented: How will you resolve conflict between your team members? What will you do if you are in a situation that one of your team member is not working rightly?

Why did you want to work at Tommy

1 Answer

1. Background and skill tests. 2. Junior/intermediate tests (create html page using css and javascript with certain design) 3. Senior test (write a game using Laravel PHP Framework )

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