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They were all stock questions, "would you steal to feed your family?" "what was the most difficult situation you've been in and how did you get out of it?" "what is your worst quality?" "what is your best quality?" "how do you deal with difficult customers?"

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- Try not to laugh. - It's not a joke - Don't take the job.

Those interview answers do not make sense to those interview questions I do think there is a error

Nothing can be clicked on to view what people put down for their answer. It's not a joke, Is def not an answer to a question that states, "would you steal to feed your family?" see how that makes no sense? Unless this entire Q&A is a Joke!

1) Behavioral questions 2) Intrusive data on work history (names of colleagues/managers, their roles, reporting structure)

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How have you overcome objections to price?

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What do you bring to the table?

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Why should we hire you over the other top candidates? What seperates you and why do you think that

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Present a technical case that you solved.

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Are you comfortable with a longer-than-general sales cycle?

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Global management for the fourth quarter of Finance, 2017 and Press conference report, such as stakeholders, dividend, the stock market, the most important, end monthly meeting for the accountant report and etc..

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how soon can you start, why are you looking to join this company

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How did you handle a low performer on your team?

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