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How would you solve some tech challenges(they gave me a small case)?

1 Answer

As they also want someone with product acumen, the might give you a small business case as well

Visual representation of a team's metric and asking what went well / wrong and how I would have managed if I was the scrum master?

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The only conversation was about "daily sprints cycles"

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Scenario-based questions

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Tell me about your work history and what were your wages if you don't mind me asking?

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What type of work interested me and what I was looking for in terms of my next challenges.

1. share your relevant experience 2. how would you deal with difficult people 3. They would try to find out if you are culturally a good fit 4. They understand everyone is not perfect

At absolutely every interview they asked "Why FreshBooks?"

Experience related questions, Scenario based questions and competency based

SHL personality, verbal and numeric reasoning assessments

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