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I didn't find them hard: write a search string routine to search an entry within a sorted list. implement your own strcmp subroutine which ignores trailing white spaces.

3 Answers

use binary search for the first one; the other one just did a simple character by character equality check.

For the string comparison you will also need to strip the trailing spaces from each string

public boolean compareString(String arr[], String s){ boolean doesMatch = false; for(int i=0; i

What would the count for the list of it. public class Test { string Data; int Id; public Test(int id, string data) { Data = data; Id = id; } } static void Main(string[] args) { List list = new List(); list.Add(new Test(10, "test")); var d = new Test(10, "test"); if (!list.Contains(d)) list.Add(d); Console.WriteLine("Count of the list is : " + list.Count); Console.ReadLine(); } } What to do to make count 1?

2 Answers

What is inheritance?

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How would you design a calculator for a blind person

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IQ Test with 15 minute timer. Ha.

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What will you bring to the table that no one else can bring?

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describe a typical day in your job . how many gigs is the db size of the project.

1 Answer

What is the difference between an inline element and block-inline element?

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How does a webpage work?

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Describe to me your ideal work-life balance.

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