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Write me a program that does ... with recursion in it. In java or C++.

3 Answers

public void dot(int n) {dot(0)=0; return dot(n-1); }

int fibonanci(int x){ if(x==1){ return 1; } else{ x = x*fibonanci(x-1); } }

int fact(int a) { return (a>1)?a*fact(a-1):1; }

Hardest question was how to sort a linked list using recursion only. I knew the iterative solution but couldn't come up with recursion. Very difficult.

2 Answers

Reverse a string in a matrix in place. you are given the direction and length of the string.

2 Answers

Given an array of integers and k, print all the pairs of numbers (a,b), both of them inside the array, such that a+b=k

2 Answers

How would you handle multiple tasks at a time ?

2 Answers

1) What is your biggest weakrness

1 Answer

- Tell me about your experience here... -What experiences do you have with LabVIEW?

1 Answer

Describe what a good tester should be

1 Answer

Questions about VoWifi

1 Answer

Question was about whether or not i am a quick learner.

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