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1. To add an HTTP request to the search engine, then log a result depending on the# of pages and requirements. 2. Use DP to implement a Knapsack-like problem. Restrictions on time complexity. 3. Implement a to-do list's delete method on website.

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Did u get rejected or just not receive an offer yet?

To X: Get rejected

Did they request to do a background screening on you before rejecting?

Assignment sent to me to complete: Use an API to build small react application.

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How can you select an element by its ID and class in CSS

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What is your favourite typeface?

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why you are considering moving on from your present role?

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Tell me about your work backgroud

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What tools are you currently using in developing client side software?

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What are your strengths and weaknesses

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The technical questions were the most intense and on the spot type, for example, "What are HTTP methods? List all that you know, and briefly explain them".

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Tell me about yourself?

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