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1. To add an HTTP request to the search engine, then log a result depending on the# of pages and requirements. 2. Use DP to implement a Knapsack-like problem. Restrictions on time complexity. 3. Implement a to-do list's delete method on website.

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Did u get rejected or just not receive an offer yet?

To X: Get rejected

Did they request to do a background screening on you before rejecting?

Assignment sent to me to complete: Use an API to build small react application.

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What do you like to do outside of work?

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Q2. Take the web application you wrote in Q1 and re-write it using the framework(s) of your choice.

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Q1. Complete the following Front End tasks using only HTML, CSS, JavaScript and/or jQuery. ● Create a single responsive web page with the following characteristics: ○ A menu at the top of the page with the following items: ■ Add ■ Delete ■ Update ■ Display ○ Also at the top of the page a statistics display area with the following statistics: ■ Total number of records in the database. ■ Average records added per hour. ■ Ratio of records added per hour versus deleted per hour. ■ NOTE: Assume others may also be using this system, and the statistics must keep up with changes without refreshing the page. ○ Each menu item clicked should bring up a responsive overlay to add, delete, update, or display a record respectively. Assume records are stored and retrieved from a back end system. ● Each record is just first name, last name, and phone number. ● Once a record is added it is assigned a unique 10 digit id. ● Define the form of the APIs. In other words, assume you will give the form of the API to the back-end developer for implementation.

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Q3. Add testing to either Part 1 or Part 2 of this assignment.

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Techincal exam on HTML, CSS and Javascript

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I was given a picture and some description such as create a search bar that allows to search through disposal waste in city Toronto.

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Tell us a bit about yourself

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How variables can be assigned in Javascript

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