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What is Windows

4 Answers

Multiple Choice: 1) Operating System Software

window is a operating system or we can see all work in screen.

window is a operating system or we can see all work in screen.

All the questions were generic and quickly were found to be scripted.

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What about other people frustrates you the most?

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Mention 3 HTTP methods

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Usual questions - work ethics are a big part of their concerns. They don't want people who turn over jobs a lot and move around. This isn't a place you go to step your career up and use them. They'll invest in you as an employee and train you and get you certified, but they don't want employees going out the door once they get the certifications.

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How to resolve difficulties between co-workers

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Q: C++ debugger: how to troubleshoot segfault? How to view stack information? A: Use back-traces and frames : bt, frames. Q: Crashed process - how to start troubleshooting? A: System log - syslog. Application logs are not that helpful due to abrupt exit. Q: how to check files opened by process? A: iostat and lsof Q: how to check netowrk ports being used? A: netstat Q: difference between stripped and non-stripped binary? A: non-stripped binary has debugging info built-in. Stripped does not. Q: How would you install new programs on Unix? A: RPM commands Q: How to detect frozen/stuck process, and how to debug it? Q: What are UNC paths in windows

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Honestly there wasn't a difficult question I mean besides the "Why do you want to work at Teksavvy" usually I hate questions like that but this time I actually wanted to answer that.

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how to set up a network ?

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nothing difficult, looks like someone printed questions from Internet and distributed to all interviewers

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