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Senior software development engineer Interview Questions


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Behavioural question on how to make system design choices

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There are some questions like this at Would definitely recommend it to anyone who is prepping for behavioral interviews at tech companies!

Given a graph, determine if the graph can be coloured with 2 colours such that no two adjacent vertices of the graph are coloured with the same color.

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Describe a difficult situation and how you handled it

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What are your weaknessess

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How to design rate access controls in a public API, and enforce across server nodes?

Algorithm question about parsing a matrix to identify some shapes Design a cache Relation with your manager

Program to print the number of occurrences of each character in a string, some puzzles

What is your decision strategy when upgrading node packages for a project?

Do not underestimate the coding challenge. Sample questiones were very simple, but the actual one was quite challenging. Four DS/Algorithm questions in 80 minutes. I couldn't finish it. The questions were long and difficult to understand. Though I didn't finish the challenge and this didn't go further, the challenge helped me understand what I lack and how to prepare for the same.

They describe their situation and then they make you redesign their entire architecture.