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Very straight forward interview: know the company (technical and culture) and be able to articulate your experience (teamwork and technical).

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I will have the interview on this position tomorrow, thanks for your experience

Why were your grades so bad in your 5th Semester compared to your other semesters.

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What's your favourite j&j product and why?

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Time was very tight for the online stimulated exercise at SRD.

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Explain your methods with working with people of multifaceted backgrounds

Tell me about yourself, why do you want to work at Rogers.

How did you resolve a conflict and what made you decide to go with the one you chose.

Some behavior based and situation based question. Spend time to prepare so that you can communicate your answers well. Tell me about a situation.... How did you prepare for interview? What is your interest? Why Bell? Why this program? Basically they want to know YOU. The actual YOU. So, be yourself. Be confident, Communicate well, know your resume and bring your smile. :)

Rate your excel skills, rate your attention to detail, if you had a million dollars, what would you do with it, tell us about yourself,

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