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What is the difference between retail and global wealth?

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Also went 2 rounds on Nov 7. Still waiting to here back , when did you get the call?

Have you heard back from them yet?

Has anyone heard back from them yet?

Technical questions verifying your resume.

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How to multiply a number by 7 without using + and * operators?

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Using a language of your preference, write a method that returns the most common character in a string.

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Technical questions (They said there is no technical interviews)

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What's your favourite j&j product and why?

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what data projects you have worked on

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Explain how threading works in JavaScript, and how async/await uses the threading model.

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What is the best/worst courses? Tell about a time you had conflict? Tell about a time you resolved a small issue before it turned to a big problem?

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First 30min technical: given a list of grade move failing grades to the end of the list. 3hr technical: - Given a list of blocks with (x,y) coordinates determine if they are stacked correctly to make a tower. - Given a list of assignments and the amount of time taken to complete each assignment. What is the shortest time it would take to mark all assignments. - Shown a website screen and asked to talk about anything. You can focus on what you know...UI, backend, how the data should be stored?

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