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Senior Microstrategy Developer was asked...January 5, 2021

Microstrategy implement transformation object in which side ? analytic engine or sql side or other

8 Answers

Hello, Could you please share some more questions asked in mstr interview ?

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Wakefern Food

tell me about yourself, level metrics

1 Answers

tell me about yourself, level metrics


Technical questions on Microstrategy. Some admin: user management, security. Developer: Reports, Dashboards creation. Differences between older and newer versions.

1 Answers

Did not do well on security as I did not work on admin side. Development questions were answered. Less


They just "scanned" my technical background no big deal any MSTR developer can do it with no problem.

1 Answers

It was a LONG process with at least 3 steps, i was available almost all time (not ofc when i was working), and in the end it was a big waste of time... Less

Lancet Software India

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

As an MSTR architect


Scenario based

1 Answers



General questions about my experience

1 Answers

Reviewed my job experiences


Analytical Question

1 Answers

What kind of analytical question they ask @interview

Randstad US

Do you have all the required skills that are asked in the requirement ?

1 Answers

Not all of them, I am ready to learn new things and thats what i see for in a job roll because you always want to expand your scope rather than doing the same type of job always. Less


How many balls could we stuff up inside an aeroplane ?

1 Answers

Tens of thousands, stuffing such objects of small sizes into a huge object looks trivial. Less

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