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A product has a probability of 60% showing up in warehouse A, and 80% in warehouse B. What is the probability that two products show up at the same warehouse?

6 Answers

Simple 0.44 (0.6*.12)+(0.8*0.4)

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1. Who is your ideal manager?

1 Answer

How was your work related to current role?

1 Answer

Write Queries in SQL, Brain teaser questisons, Techincal questions.

What do you know about our parent company Ingram Micro?

Nothing difficult, know your resume well and you'll do fine. They ask follow up questions, so BSing may not work well.

3. How do you define ETL place in data analytics process?

Give an example of a time where you needed to ‘think outside the square’ to come up with a solution to a challenging problem?

Describe the situation with your experience, when you were wrong or give me example when you constantly something improving

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