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What will happen to the boiling point of a liquid under vacuum? Will it rise or decrease?

3 Answers

it will rise because the vapour pressure becomes zero

it should decrease because of very little pressure. Water should boil more easily up in the mountains due to altitude.

It should decrease, because according to the PVT relationship (e.g. PV=nRT), if pressure decreased, the boiling temperature should also be decreased.

How many yellow cars are there in Waterloo, Ontario?

2 Answers

what is OEE

2 Answers

What is the winter design temperature for buildings in Vancouver?

1 Answer

What were the cost savings project that you have implemented? How much money were saved and were you able to reduce labor? What's your salary expectation? Show us how you did the plant layout and how you set the expectations? Why are you looking for a new job?

1 Answer

How comfortable are you to be in a field job, away from desk

2 Answers

From 1 to 10, what is your skill level with Solidworks?

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when a difficult situation developed and how you found a way to resolve it

1 Answer

Thinker Questions: You are in a room and are given a thermometer and a stopwatch. How do you measure the height of the room?

1 Answer

If I'm willing to work on as needed basis

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