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Gulf Spic General Trading & Contracting Company
Rotating Equipment Engineer was asked...November 26, 2015

reciprocating compressor overhaul

1 Answers

explained everything in detailed as per standard procedure

Air Products

Do you have experience in journal bearing repairs?

1 Answers

Yes, of course.

Intel Corporation

Do I ever get annoyed in work

1 Answers

Yes everyone does


How do thermocouples work?

1 Answers

Two dissimilar metals connected which create a voltage in proportion to a given temperature. Less


The Manager asked me about of Turbomaquinary mechanical behavior.

1 Answers

I said him, that the stresses under the equipment resist better if the equipment is working well always that the Operative Conditions must be well stated because one change can produce the equipment not work well. And therfore One No Conformity could be is present. Less

Universal Plant Service

I was asked if I was familiar with ISO's, and what were some classes that I enjoyed and did not enjoy, and where do I see myself 5-10 years from now. My schedule was tight being a Full-Time student, so that came up on how I'd manage my schedule.

1 Answers

This was my first interview ever for applying for an internship, specifically in this field. So I was nervous but I tried to answer as best as I could, I had good take-aways from this experience. Less

GS Engineering & Construction

Difference between BB3 and BB5 pump?

1 Answers

In actual both the pumps are from api 610 sries ,but former is three stage between bearing and the latter is five stage between bearings. Less


More of technical nature and depth of experience.

1 Answers

With career episodes

Air Products

Do you have experience with hot gas expander's?

Xcel Energy

Tell me about your knowledge of rotating equipment. Give examples of hands-on experience in the troubleshooting, testing, operating, and maintenance. What is your experience in vibration analysis and balancing? What is your experience in vibration analysis and balancing of turbine generators? What would it take to learn turbine balancing? Give me an example of one of your most challenging technical assignments. What was the assignment, why was this a challenge, what did you do, how did it turn out? Give me an example of a time when you advised a colleague on a technical matter. What was the situation? Was he/she able to apply the information to solve the problem? Give an example of when you had a limited amount of time to complete a project or assignment. What was the situation, what you did to meet the timeframes, and what were the results? Give me an example of how you keep others informed of issues, reoccurring problems, or when you've made suggestions for improvement. We have technical experts in our department with areas of expertise in steam turbines, combustion turbines, controls, emissions, electrical, protective relays, and boilers. Do you have any expertise in any of these areas? All responses are written down by the interviewer(s) and then an overall grade is given ranging from (1) not very effective to (9) extremely effective.

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