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Would you say the iPhone is a competitor to the Blackberry

6 Answers

No. There are two different types of industries, iPhone is consumer and Blackberry is business. People take BB users seriously when in a boardroom.

It just goes to show how history teaches lessons - That was a good answer at the time and it was the right answer because that's what RIM wanted the truth to be. Not surprised they offered you the job.

Thanks Ooops! It was clear they were nervous, and i have to say the opportunity is still there for RIM, but their competitors are not iPhone, its Samsung, HTC, Windows8. Those are the real challenges for them. If you have a LinkedIn profile let me know

What languages am I familiar with and how comfortable am I at modifying code?

2 Answers

Specific digital project?

1 Answer

What are some ways that you think design can be made more accessible?

1 Answer

Tell me about the most complicated project you have ever worked on. Explain the methods you used and the process you went through...

1 Answer

Tell us how you became interested in design.

What is your process when working on a project in an agile environment.

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