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Real Media
Digital Designer was asked...June 25, 2021

Q: When can you start working?

2 Answers



Are you a Photoshop wiz?

1 Answers

I answered by saying, "I know a lot about Photoshop and Adobe programs, but there is a lot for me yet to learn." Less

News Corp Australia

The manager seemed to be particularly interested in the working hours. having come from an advertising agency background where there are no regular working hours i thought this was odd. soon i realised that this was due to the management's clock watching nature, that makes you feel guilty even when taking a bathroom break.

1 Answers

i said "sure, i'm happy to stay back when required"

Fender Musical Instruments

I was asked to present a digital product I had designed previously.

1 Answers

I gave a thorough explanation of the product and tried to avoid using jargon since I was talking to an recruiter, not a designer. Less


What do you think Banjo does?

1 Answers

Banjo offers intelligence technology to help out police forces, fireman, etc. To be better first responders. Less

Lancaster University

Can you introduce one of your graphic design work with us.

1 Answers

I picked one project to give them a walkthrough - the project objective, design process, challenges and how I handle that. Less

Orh Marketing

They asked if I was fluent in a number of software applications.

1 Answers

I responded accordingly.


Welke programma's gebruik je als ontwerper? Sta je open voor feedback?

1 Answers

Figma, Sketch, XD


Scenario-based questions.

1 Answers

I provided honest, tangible examples from my professional experience.

Tell me about yourself and current role.

1 Answers

I answered my current position and explain why I want to work in your company.

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