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Gameplay programmer Interview Questions


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Why did you apply to the company?

1 Answer

I was very honest with this one. I did not pretend I had played their games, but showed a willingness to work and strong interest in the position.

List 2 examples of using dot product and 2 examples of cross product in the gameplay.

1 Answer

C++ programming, hot cache, mutex, C# features, output of assembly codes, debugging, 3D Math, console programming, rendering, physics, network,

1 Answer

My projects, as shown on my CV

1 Answer

Asked a lot of basic c++ questions

1 Answer

Why are quaternions used in games programming?

What is the difference between: private, public, and protected variables?

How would you synchronize animations over a network in an online game?

Is there a time when you worked with someone you couldn't get along with and how did you resolve the conflict?

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