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Cant say because of NDA but looks at CTCI , it helps alot to put you in that state of mind. Dont overlook Data structures and Algorithms i.e Big O Notation , Searches...etc

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Most of the questions were regular web development concepts. But be prepared to be thrown curve balls. A logical approach to solutions is the best approach even if you dont get the answer correct it shows competence and your thinking process . That's what they want to see.

NDA? You didn’t even get the offer lol

what do you like your current company?

nda, sorry can't reveal

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I have been asked to do bubble sort in pseudo coding. I have been asked whether I worked with any 3rd party vendor and how I dealt day to day issues etc.

- You got assigned to a new project that you know nothing about it, tell me 3 questions that you will ask each of the support person, the end user and the project manager? - Tell me about a difficult situation you handled in the past and how did you deal with it?

All questions were the same. Either you know or you don't.

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