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All questions were the same. Either you know or you don't.

Algorithms: 1st: Develop an algorithm to transform a string like Amazon to A4n, or Internationalization to I18n. 2nd: Develop an algorithm merge two sorted files with integers, build a new sorted file (sorted merge algo). In the 2nd interview I got some questions about projects that I had worked, cache design and how to sort a big file.

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nda, sorry can't reveal

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Pretty well all expected coding questions on data manipulation, algorithm optimization, efficiency, etc.

Cant say because of NDA but looks at CTCI , it helps alot to put you in that state of mind. Dont overlook Data structures and Algorithms i.e Big O Notation , Searches...etc

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What would you current manager say about you? Sell me the scene card? What would your biggest weakness be? What is your strength? What do you think would be the hardest challenge with this position? What is you career goal? Why Scotia bank?

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