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Estate agents, banks and insurance companies often use fraud analysts to reduce consumer fraud. They work to discover the type and source of fraud by asking questions, filling in paperwork, changing account numbers, assisting with refunds and alerting the relevant authorities.

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Top Fraud Analyst Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top fraud analyst questions you may be asked in an interview and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: Because things are continually changing, what do you feel is the biggest challenge facing the role of a fraud analyst?

How to answer: This open-ended question is designed to test your fundamental knowledge of the role of a fraud analyst and any potential threats to this field in the future. You can refer to the topics of artificial intelligence, software and items related to the use of technology in fraud. Express confidence that you look forward to tackling any future challenges that come your way.

Question No. 2: Which applications or software would you consider yourself to be proficient in?

How to answer: This open-ended question provides you with an opportunity to share your wealth of knowledge about available applications and software programs available to your industry. You can also use this question to share your ability to evaluate such technologies and apply them to your field where applicable. Share how you use these applications or software as well as the benefits and limitations you have found with them.

Question No. 3: Have you developed a system to reduce or eliminate errors within your work?

How to answer: This open-ended question allows your future employer to learn about your problem-solving skills along with your ability to monitor your work for errors. Discuss any methods you have developed that help to reduce or eliminate errors and how you apply them.

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Work Comp Fraud Investigator was asked...July 3, 2019

Where wouldn't you like to live?

3 Answers

And be ready to be on call 24/7. NO MATTER WHAT TIME TODD CALLS YOU. P.S. T does hate her job. Less

I don't know. I only consider places I would consider.

If you want the job, don’t say New York.

Expedia Group
Fraud Analyst was asked...September 14, 2011

The interviewer did a small test during the interview in which the interviewee would have to determine, among a series of "flight paths and customer information," which "purchases" were fraudulent.

2 Answers

Just out of curiosity, are the fraudsters using their tickets themselves or are they selling them? I guess I don't understand how they would make money out of it. Less

This would depend on which flight paths and the customer information given, but the test ultimately determined whether the interviewee was analytical. Less


Are you ready for your SAS exam?

2 Answers

What sorts of things do they ask? Can I get by using proc sql?

I have already taken it in the morning.


Do you have background in database systems?

2 Answers

I have some background in using databases, but not creating them.



What fraud techniques do you think online customers commit?

2 Answers

Give us an example where you encountered a problematic situation at work, and what you did to analyze it and come up with a solution. Less

Some of the fraud techniques that can be done through online are to send the spam messages , malware, Phishing and spoofing and there are many other fraud that are done through online Less

J.P. Morgan

Do you have a preferred schedule?

2 Answers

I have no problem with any schedule. Im actually fascinated with night shift jobs and im willing to be in such shift. I find that you can do a lot more outside work on a shift like this and you dont have to worry about dealing with too much traffic. Less

I answered this with my preference and explicitly stated after that I am open to whatever shift the business needs. Instead, I was given feedback that stating a preference was a red flag. They somehow extracted from that, that I wasn't open to other schedules, which leads me to believe that this is a gotcha question. Less

Bread Financial

Besides reading, give 5 things a book is used for

2 Answers

I laughed. I thought it was a wasnt....

A weight, to hold something down; a lift, to raise something higher; on your head to practice balance; pressing dried flowers; if it's at my house - to collect dust :) Less

Brilliant Earth

Tell me about a time you improved efficiency

2 Answers

I chose to work unpaid on my case reports from home because I know that going the extra mile pays off. Being that reports are time-consuming and must be concise, this was a good way to save the agency time and money. Less

I chose to work unpaid on my case reports from home because I know that going the extra mile pays off. Being that reports are time-consuming and must be concise, this was a good way to save the agency time and money. Less


Name pieces of art of the Renaissance.

2 Answers

I listed pieces of art i could remember

Mona Lisa and David


Regular questions. Why E&Y? Why FIDs? Tell me about a time when you were working on something and thought everything was going well but at the last minute you realized that it was not going well, how did you approach the situation?

1 Answers

Since its investigation they want to see how you deal with failures and incorrect paths that you might take during your investigations. So be positive Less

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