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WHAT IS YOUR AGE??? - A totally prohibited ground in HR context.

5 Answers

Considering that Deloitte is a big 4 consulting firm, a question such as WHAT IS YOUR AGE??? is totally ridiculous and unexpected and they could potentially get sued for it!!!! After having taking a course in HR I know that no employer is allowed to ask you questions such as your age??? I am not concerned about the fact that I did not get an offer but questions such as WHAT IS YOUR AGE??? etc are really prohibited!!!!

Look at the question: "What is your age?" That's different from "How old are you?" Answer accordingly.

Regardless of how you frame the question, its prohibited to ask that in an interview if it relates to age, thats the law. Ask any lawyer or HR person and they will confirm it for you. I have appeared for interviews for other Consulting firms and work for an equally reputed one currently after facing 4 rounds of interviews. In this case the interviewer asked the wrong question not the firm.

What is the book you recently read?

1 Answer

Could you please describe what you would do to manage an employee who keeps saying that he does everything in a project that is presented by someone who took a free ride but gets all the recognition.

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What are the advantage of each VaR method and their weekness?

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Behavioural Questions

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Are you pursuing your CA? What do you know about IT Risk and Assurance?

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How did you hear about this job?

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How long would you expect to remain in that role?

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How to value derivatives?

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how do you convince somebody else? need a particular example.

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