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How do you calculate pressure at the bottom of a tank

2 Answers


I will measure the pressure at the top and try to measure the depth at some depth below the top then i will get the change in pressure with depth then i can estimate the pressure at the bottom by multiplying the change in pressure with dept by the pressure at the top. Pressure at the Bottom = Pressure at the Top +/- ( Change in Pressure with depth * Depth to Bottom of Tank)

How does an airplane fly

1 Answer

Phone Interview: What is the difference between PAL and NTSC? In Person: Draw and describe a zener diode

1 Answer

How would you deal with an operator who was unwilling to work?

1 Answer

How would you deal with someone who was unwilling to follow proper safety procedures. (i.e. wear their hardhat)

1 Answer

How does a straw work?

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Mostly on Video and networking

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1-exchange server log shipping , log reply , replication , compare between Exchange 2007 and 2010 2-I\O exchange ratio 3-DAG and active manager 4-hows e-mail works store in RAM then HDD ...etc 5-ports numbers 6-EDGE role 7-Mail box DB recovery 8-error number 1018 I thing IF DB corrupted 9-DAC mode in DAG between sites 10-log file size ...etc 11-requirement to deploy exchange server 2010 HW and to consider the I/O ratio and so many Question that I can't remember ,but most of them tough and deep :)

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do you like to design or build? and why

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Describe to me what you would call a "busy" day.

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