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Nothing is particularly mind boggling, but the two recruiters were playing good/bad personalities during the second interview.

Why do you want to work here, do you really want to work in a in the middle of nowhere in Alberta in below freezing weather... -_-"

Describe a situation where u were a leader for a team

There was no difficult/unexpected question for me, but that was just my case. Again, be prepared for your presentation's topic, and show that your a team player during the group game, and don't be afraid to interact with SLB's people or other candidates during the tour since it shows you're good with people.

Behavioral questions for the phone interview and mostly IQ question for the in-person interview.

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Normal things. They more or less old me on the job.

Pretty basic interview questions. Nothing out of the blue

Where do you see yourself in five years? Difference between a contractor and a consulting company? Why kieiwit?

Most questions were just reiterating if I had skills required as per the job posting itself.

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