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Can you tell me of a time you had to use a different method of communication with a coworker?

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This tests the 'Relationship' aspect of CAR.

this tests the relationship aspect of cAR

What I did during my previous employment

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I was asked repeatedly to bring previous company projects printed for them to see (In my view I did not feel comfortable providing this or being asked of this). First few minutes, the HR lady talks about company and some minor formalities followed by the director of engineering. He will ask you detailed questions about your experience, technical knowledge and start looking at your projects that they requested. They asked detailed questions in regards to the projects. The director will give you a scenario to how you would approach a design. Your will be asked of your salary in your previous companies even though they advertised the salary they would offer for this position. Lastly the HR lady notified me of high number of applicants for this position.

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about my resume then about dc motors

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HR was heavy on behavioural interviewing which was not fun

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Questions related to resume (Toastmasters, etc)

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Questions about my resume.

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Tell about your self, how an engineer can convince the public for a new project

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"What do you want to do in 5 years?" - it certainly wasn't wastewater engineering so I wasn't sure how to answer. "What were your grades like in university (they didn't ask for a transcript)? Why would I hire you instead of the people coming in here with 95% averages?"

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Nothing technical.. explained the amount of filed work wish they emphasized a lot. Made sure I was in agreement with the work I would be doing. Asked about my salary expectations.. asked about my career expectations... Asked about my ability with Spanish (as they had field work in South America). The interview was very informal and by no means were the questions difficult or question were the was a correct answer per say it was more just trying to get to know me, the expectations I had, and if I understood the type of work I would be doing.

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