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Desktop Support Analyst was asked...June 4, 2014

Logic puzzles.

6 Answers

Did you get the offer? on which date did you attend the interview?

Yes, I received an offer.

and when did they give you the offer?

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The questions asked were in regards to the position and as to my experience and qualifications. They were very happy with my answers and wanted me to meet another individual who also interview me and ask me the same questions. Which were again answered with satisfaction by the interviewer.

3 Answers

Not a very professional outfit. Provided no follow ups at all. Then despite having the right qualification, rejected my application because I was according to the Hiring team "Over qualified" for the job. How do you spend that much time and have two interviews and then decide on not proceeding? Very poor handling. I would not recommend anyone work for this company. Less

You dodged a bullet mate, this company sucks.

Found the exact same experience from this company myself even if an offer was made i was going to turn the position down as i got a very strange vibe. The technical interview wasn't like id expect as no technical questions were asked and i didn't find the guy very knowledgeable when i quizzed him. Less

Puthur Infotech

what is hardware and networking?

3 Answers

basic answer


basically hardware is all about cpu , smos , ram , and all peripheral device.. hardware this means you have to take care of all the hardware related issues and installation and configuration of those parts.. networking- in netrworking you have to start with cabling , osi model, tcp ip model, ip addressing than routing and all. basically you are going to set a network for data flow.. Less

Trigyn Technologies

How to you test for network connectivity on a PC

2 Answers

Check the IP address and if need be do a ping test in command prompt.

Remember 169 is not route able and 127 is loopback

Home Franchise Concepts

What does PST mean to you?

3 Answers

I said it was the file extension of an outlook personal folder file type.

You are correct. OST and PST are the outlook local machine cache files.

PST stands for Pacific Standard Time.. An email sent from someone in the PST time zone will have the time zone listed as "-0800" in the headers of the email. (However, "-0800" does not have to be in PST, as other time zones could have the same UTC offset). Less


What is the DNS

2 Answers

the DNS

domain name server

Reynolds and Reynolds

How many hoops can we get unemployed people to jump through before they realize this is a waste of time?

2 Answers

All of them due to the false hope they dangle in front of you.

I have an interview on the 27th. I abhor "dog and pony" shows myself, being a former Navy veteran from an aircraft carrier, I have seen too many. However there is a purpose behind it. Companies have to find potential employees who have a solid ethics background and the skill set for the job. Tests like these are there to weed out those who don't have the "mental agility" to handle a think quick, technical position. I took my online exams late last night and they didn't seem that difficult. I saw this format for a school which I earned my first AS degree as part of their entrance exam. Their courses were 5 weeks long, start to finish. My training in the navy was AECF (Advanced Electronics/Computer Field), 2nd hardest below Nuclear and outside SPEC OPS. We covered basic atoms to PCs, Networking and Solid State Electronics, with everything else including transistors, registers, AC/DC theory in between in 8 weeks. Sink or swim. Then there was "A" school... Less


Tell me about your background experience.

2 Answers

Hi,my experience is 9 years,support technician repair computers,hardware and software. Less

Hi,my experience is 9 years,support technician repair computers,hardware and software. Less

Geekay Infotech

connection between two computer using LAN cable ?

2 Answers



CMS Info Systems

are u interested to join the course.

2 Answers


Yes.this thing is happened for me also

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