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do I knew about this job anything,do I have experince in this job ,did I ever work in this kind of job?

5 Answers

I have experience in this kind of job ,I have a certificate in building management ,I worked in this job for 6 years .

No i don't know about this job and i want to know about it, i am interest it i don't have any experience like this jobs. Thanks


How long have you been working in this industry?

3 Answers

what would you like to do with yourself?

2 Answers

If i have Work permit? Status in Canada?

2 Answers

haw can I handle the stress,

2 Answers

when are you available.

2 Answers

Have you worked for pizza pizza before? Do you know how to make a pizza? How fast are you? Leave all the question parts and come in and show us how you work ! They will ask you to come in and work there for like half an hour or so to determine if you can handle the job

2 Answers

Do you want to work here?

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What is the meaning of Smile?

2 Answers

He asked for my availability

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