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Senior network engineer Interview Questions


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technical questions and simple questions like cablings and CCNA questions and general questions about previous job experiences

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good and acceptable

Tell us about yourself wrt work experience.

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I was not sure to write this, but since few others that I know had the same experience I decided to write, Many technical questions , majority of the question asked was different from what you would expect from job description, person who was in the room was very judgmental and rude, the way he was reading through a 20 years resume and making fun was annoying!, in one point I had to take control and stop the interview, the manager who was on the phone was also very rude, the quality of the voice was not quite right and I had to ask him to repeat the question again and to my surprise he yield!, anyway I call the interview short and thanked them for their time, I spoke with two others who went for different rules and to my surprise they had the same experience!.

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What does capacity managment mean to you.

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In what ways a first-person shooter differ from a turn-based game or an RPG in terms of network requirements?

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In C++ consider a class A with a default ctor. If you allocate an array of A using the new[] operator and an arbitrary element in the middle of the array throws an exception what happens?

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Explain techniques for multiplayer. Discuss past implementations. Compare approaches, describe trade-offs. Elaborate on the pros and cons of each. Talk about past projects. Small industries: so many interviewers had worked at common companies. Discuss methodologies and preferences. Discussed potential fit.

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